Welcome to my portfolio

This is my History learning, welcome to my page.

Feel free to browse through this site and look at what I learned. I have learned a lot about myself and my ancestors in this course, stuff I never would’ve learned if I hadn’t taken this course.

This is the first history class I have taken, while on my educational path. I found this class very interesting because I wanted to learn more about what really happened before 1867. I wanted to know what the settlers experienced when they first arrived in the “new world”. I also wanted to know what the First Nations experienced when the settlers arrived on the land.

This course created a new perspective on what history was, and how knowing the past helps create a better future for the generations to come.

What is History?

I have learned the importance of history and why you need to know the past. History is so important because you learn from past and people mistakes and successes. If we didn’t have History, how would we continue to expand our knowledge of what our ancestors have done. I personally think it is very important because I continue to expand my knowledge of life, and the world. I have also learned a lot about historically thinking about what people were thinking when writing the articles, we have reviewed for this class.

You also need to able to question what others have wrote in the past, and ask more questions to broaden even more knowledge. This world is constantly evolving into something much bigger then what people have experienced, but that is because of what those people have experienced. You learn from the past and keep trying to create something better than the last. That is how we got cars, technology, better education, clothes, better sources for food and so much more. We wouldn’t have any of this if it wasn’t for someone else before us, thinking of it first, and then us developing it into something better.